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BestinBrussels seeks to promote best practice, the best firms and the best professionals. Our overall mission is to help connect the best Brussels public affairs advisers with clients.

Now we go a step further and look at the people behind the leading firms, to create the Directory of the Top EU Public Affairs Consultants which identifies the following 150 stand-out individuals in alphabetical order.

Clicking on the hyperlink associated with each name (where there is one) will lead to a detailed profile of the consultant and give useful professional information on their experience, education, specialisms and languages; together with interesting personal insights into their proudest achievements, interests outside work and their favourite Brussels anecdotes.

Apologies if your name did not appear above. Perhaps you will be in our Hall of Fame in 2021! There are also a number of other senior consultants who did not want to be profiled but we certainly consider worthy of an honourable mention notably; Biancastella de Angelis, Daniel Brinkwerth, David Turier, Guylaine Vandooren, Frances Hunt-Wood, Francis Boeynaems, Gregor Kreuzhuber, Henri Satuli, Jacob Lund Nielsen, Joëlle Vanderauwera, Marie Van Raemdonck, Meglena Mihova, Nickolas Reinhardt, Paolo Nicoletti, Pascal Michaux, Renato Addis, Robert Olma, Sami Tulonen and Thomas Barros-Tastets.

In addition there are many outstanding part-time Senior Advisers to Top Consultancies such as Pascal Lamy at Brunswick Group but this Directory does not cover such individuals – but we may compile a list of Senior Advisers in the 2022 edition!

Best in Brussels 2020 Report

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