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Oliver Kaye

Oliver Kaye, Director

LP Brussels

My Job

My job is to bring business and legislators together so the EU can make an informed decision when legislating, and so business can make an informed decision for the future direction of their company.

My Experience

4.5 years in Syed Kamall MEP’s office in the European Parliament, then founded LP Brussels together with former MEP Mark Watts. LP Brussels is celebrating 10 years in 2019.

My Proudest Achievements

Seeing LP Brussels work as a team to help a client to be proud of their contribution to sustainability and proactively engage in Brussels. We also came up with a pithy strapline that summed how they help the EU achieve its emissions targets that five years on, still used by everyone in the company, from the CEO down as well as MEPs and government ministers.

My Education

BA in European Studies and Modern Languages at Manchester University.

My Languages

English and French.

My Interests outside work

I am the only still-playing founding member of UK FC, despite the creaking knees – Euroleague and cup winners 2018/9. Generally enjoy travelling, food, Belgian beers and sports (football, rugby, squash, sailing…).

My Favourite Brussels anecdote

Still in my early 20s, not long after arriving in Brussels, I was summoned on a Friday by an MEP from his next-door office, as he wanted to borrow my camera cable. I handed him the cable and chatted for a moment about the photos that he wanted to get off his camera. After a moment, he casually decided to introduce me to the man who was standing at the back of his office and to whom the photos were to be shown – Ah! Olly, have you met the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka? Funnily enough, the answer was no.

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