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Giorgio Corbetta, Cluster Leader for Energy, Constructions & Cleantech


My Job

I am fortunate enough to lead an extraordinary team of professionals serving associations across energy, cleantech and constructions, and to work myself for trade organisations who are making a difference for Europe and beyond. My job is to make sure trade associations we work with are best positioned to inform EU and national policymakers with intelligence and evidence about the sectors they represent, to help crafting better legislation. I’m involved in understanding the complexity of the industries we represent, hashing out positions, setting advocacy strategies and implementing them.

My Experience

I’ve been working for over ten years in Brussels at the intersection of energy, transport, and climate action with corporations, trade associations and professional services firms. I worked with the leading EU renewable energy trade association, the largest power and energy commodity exchange in the world, and a global PA firm. And I could not be luckier to now be working with the number one association management company globally.

My Proudest Achievements

When working with the energy exchange, I contributed leading an innovation practice across all companies and geographies of the group, together with colleagues with the most diverse extractions but the same desire to find better ways to work. The practice is still active now, and I’m trying every day to infuse my public affairs work with the great learnings I accumulated in the four years of running the group.

My Education

  • MBA, Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management, Universite’ Libre de Bruxelles.
  • Economics and Political Science, University of Milan

My Languages

English, Spanish, French, Italian

My Interests outside work

My family, cooking (just the regular meals, sophisticated stuff is my wife’s specialty!), football (read, watched, and—less and less—played), corporate history.

My Favourite Brussels anecdote

As my bright colleagues often remind me, coming across as the solution to problems is the best way to approach policymakers and other stakeholders. I was reminded myself of such simple truth when a few years ago some colleagues and I organised a meeting on the reform of the EU ETS with a Director General of the European Commission. The topic was tricky, but because we came offering a solution marrying the Commission’s sustainability agenda with making sense of industry’s concerns, we were able to engage in an effective conversation with the Director General.

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