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Vojtech Nemec

Vojtech Nemec, Partner


My Job

I am a founding partner of a quickly growing boutique consultancy in Brussels and Luxembourg. We advise clients on a plethora of policy areas, including health policy, sustainability, energy, defence and financial services.

My Experience

Interned at the Czech Permanent Representation to the EU and at the Embassy of Israel. Worked in an Israeli consulting firm, and later in a large Brussels-based public affairs consultancy working with health, energy and sustainability.

My Proudest Achievements

Building a successful and confident consultancy during the pandemic with happy and motivated consultants that continue to impress our clients in every project would be something I am really proud of.

My Education

  • Lund University, Sweden: MSc. in European Affairs
  • Palacky University Olomouc, Czechia: BA in Political Science

My Languages

Czech/Slovak, English, Russian, French, Spanish

My Interests outside work

I enjoy travelling, cooking, gardening and crossfit and literature – a typical millennial story.

My Favourite Brussels anecdote

More of a lesson rather than an anecdote. In diplomacy or business – it’s not done until it’s done and everyone’s position must be represented. The week-long talks on a chemical substance regulation were concluding in Geneva with delegations (and business reps) finally agreeing on the final text. With bags packed, tired and ready to go home stakeholders waited for the final stamp on Friday evening. Last minute, a delegation of a middle-eastern country asked to reopen the negotiations because they realized it does not fit local carpet makers. An audible gasp filled the conference room.

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