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Julius Waller

Julius Waller, Partner

My Job

“I’m an institutional tour guide”.

Knowing how Europe arrives at decisions and making the cultural translation from one Member State; the job is to bring the right information at the right time to the right people. Inside EPPA: CFO.

My Experience

Having spent 25+ years in EPPA is my main experience, before I worked in the publishing industry and IT.

My Proudest Achievements

Changing the Euro-coins regulation after it was already adopted in Council. Any time you touch a 50c or 20c coin you are in touch with my work.

My Education

Alumni of Leiden university with a Masters in European competition and environmental law

My Languages

Dutch, English, French, German and Portuguese (Brazilian)

My Interests outside work

Pestering Brexit supporters with reality checks.

More seriously: collecting vintage toy trains of the PRE-war eras.

My Favourite Brussels anecdote

Long ago I organised a hearing on sports rights in the EP. The sports intergroup was run by Chris Heaton-Harris (Thatcherite conservative) and Glyn Ford (traditional labour). In the process it became clear Chris and Glyn were good friends. When it was all over and over a beer in the Mickey Mouse bar of the EP, I asked Glyn how come he was friends with someone whose political views were so different from his own. Glyn put a fatherly arm around me and said: “You know Julius in politics your only real friends are in the other parties.

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