Best consultants

My Job

Connecting the dots on Digital regulation, financial services techs, competition and greening industry and trade.

My Experience

Inhouse: 19 years Public Affairs in Brussels and 6 years in APAC & Middle East and Africa. Covered sectors from energy, appliances, financial services, Logistics & Transport, aviation, postal, medical devices, media and more..

Since 2021 your Avisa Partner in Brussels.

My Proudest Achievements

Several secured market entries in the EU and APAC for global corporates, launch of the Alliance for European Logistics (AEL) was fun and necessary to give a sector a voice.

My Education

Lawyer, specialised in European Law.

My Languages

German, English, French.

My Interests outside work

Art, music, nature, sport but being executive producer and co-founder of my own record label:

My Favourite Brussels anecdote

CEO of a leading global company denying the need to talk with the EU institutions in Brussels: “Paris is good as my wife likes the shopping there, in London I meet the important guys, but why Brussels and talking to the f…… Commies?”

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