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Tom Murray

Tom Murray, Head of Office

EUK Consulting

My Job

I am head of the Brussels office of EUK Consulting, working with a growing team of highly-motivated, multi-lingual consultants.

My Experience

I have been with EUK Consulting for a long time – since 2007 in fact. Before that, I worked in the European Parliament, for a social NGO and a trade association.

My Proudest Achievements

My proudest achievement is building a really good team of consultants, who enjoy coming into work in the morning and seeing them develop personally and professionally. From a client perspective – plugging away to eventually spark a REFIT review of a piece of legislation against the odds was quite gratifying.

My Education

University of Glasgow, French and Politics degree.

My Languages

English, French and German.

My Interests outside work

I like writing, cooking, watching as much football as I can and hanging about with my kids.

My Favourite Brussels anecdote

There are too many. I am still impressed by the chutzpah of a European Parliament intern who used to arrive early to use his MEP’s shower because he didn’t have any hot water in his flat though. The struggle of an intern encapsulated in one small act of defiance.

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