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Fabrice Pothier

Fabrice Pothier, Chief Executive Officer

Rasmussen Global

My Job

Oversee all sovereign/private projects and policy initiatives undertaken by Rasmussen Global.

My Experience

Co-founded an NGO dedicated to reform global drugs policy with field work in Afghanistan and across Europe; co-founded and headed Carnegie Endowment’s Europe centre; Director of Policy Planning for two NATO Secretary Generals; co-founder and Chief Executive Officer at Rasmussen Global.

My Proudest Achievements

Marrying into a family of four kids, getting a fifth one, moving to northern Spain and keeping my international/European projects going,

My Education

  • Hypokhagne – Khagne
  • Masters in Political Communications, University of Versailles – Saint Quentin
  • Masters in European and British Politics, London Metropolitan University

My Languages

French, English, Spanish.

My Interests outside work

Art and vintage furniture hunting; all kinds of sport; reading and writing.

My Favourite Brussels anecdote

When I was working at NATO, I was going to Schuman to keep my contacts in the EEAS. During a lunch with one of them, an EEAS colleague of his approached us and asked me where I was from. I replied, ‘from the dark side of town’. He responded, ‘So, from the Commission??!!’ I just smiled and said, ‘No even darker, NATO!’.

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