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David Garcia, Director

FGS Global

My Job

In my capacity as Director for EU Digital and Tech policy at FGS Global, I am deeply engaged with the evolving landscape of emerging technologies and critical digital infrastructure. My work involves a nuanced understanding of the broader shifts towards a data-driven economy and the increasing importance of online safety. Each day is an opportunity to explore these expansive domains, including AI, quantum computing, and other burgeoning tech areas, as I assist clients in interpreting and influencing the complex tapestry of EU policy. I take pride in facilitating insightful conversations and crafting strategies that enable our clients to effectively communicate their contribution to shaping a resilient and forward-looking digital society. My role is to provide a comprehensive perspective that not only addresses immediate challenges but also anticipates future trends and opportunities in the digital and tech space.

My Experience

Before joining FGS Global, I spearheaded the Digital and Tech Practice at a leading Brussels-based public affairs consultancy, where I cultivated a dynamic team and contributed significantly to the dialogue around pivotal legislation such as the AI Act, the Chips Act or still the Cyber Resilience Act, among others. My tenure as an Accredited Parliamentary Assistant provided me with an in-depth comprehension of the political intricacies within European institutions, teaching me how to effectively communicate with policymakers to enact change. As the Director of the Union of European Federalists, I developed a versatile skill set and a solution-driven mindset, qualities that have proven essential in addressing the complex challenges of EU Digital and Tech policy in my current role. I am also an invited lecturer at Paris Panthéon-Sorbonne University, where I help students understand EU policymaking through the prism of digital policy.

My Education

  • Post-graduate master’s degree in EU International Relations and Diplomacy, College of Europe.
  • Master’s Degree in EU Studies (Economy and policies), European Institute, University of Geneva.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Applied Foreign Languages, Jean Moulin University, Lyon.

My Languages

English, Spanish, French, Italian.

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