Best consultants

My Job

Running the international business of a fast growing company dedicated to corporate risk management

My Experience

Before moving to consultancy in 2002 I was a civil servant in German and French ministries as well as the European Commission.  I also spent a couple years as chief EU lobbyist at Microsoft

My Proudest Achievements

Playing my little bit in creating the euro when I was the advisor of the responsible Commissioner

My Education

Masters of sciences from Ecole Polytechnique and ENSAE, economics.

My Languages

French, German, English, Spanish

My Interests outside work

My children.

Sport in general with a genuine passion for kitesurf and to a lesser extend cycling – in fact all adrenaline-enhancing stuff as long as speed and emotions are provided by nature or one’s body.

Next step: film scriptwriter focused on the Brussels bubble (as my humble contribution to making the EU a more tangible thing).

My Favourite Brussels anecdote

Being told by officials from a non-EU country the results of an EU meeting that had not yet taken place.  That happened more than once.  Just fascinating!

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