Best consultants

My Job

Director at LP Brussels. Provides strategic counsel to some of the world’s leading companies and organisations on EU affairs.

My Experience

Former MEP for 10 years, and member of TRAN, REGI, EMP, CONT, PETI & AGRI Committees.  VP Bulgaria and Malta JPCs. Former local government officer in London.

My Proudest Achievements

Managed to persuade the European Parliament to reject a proposed European Directive. Twice.

My Education

LSE: BSc and MSc.

My Languages


My Interests outside work

Transport vlogging, and visiting anything connected with road, rail, sea or air transport. Really!

My Favourite Brussels anecdote

I once hired a car and chauffer to convey the chairman of a major UK regulator on a visit to the European Parliament.  The chauffer and I stepped out of the car in Rue Wiertz to speak to Parliament security.  A moment later I saw my reputation and career slowly but relentlessly disappearing as the car, with chairman inside, picked up speed down Rue Wiertz. The chauffer had forgotten to put the handbrake on.  Luckily the chauffer was a fast runner!

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