Best consultants

Ruud Wassen, Chief Client Officer


My Job

Strategic advice to clients and business development.

My Experience

20 years specialised in shaping narratives and driving transformative outcomes across diverse political and business landscapes. I am passionate about driving thought leadership initiatives that position my clients as leaders in their domains,which in turn and unlock new opportunities in the market.

My Proudest Achievements

Establishing the Teneo office in Brussels back in 2013.

My Education

  • Kellogg Executive Education, CMO executive program
  • International Peace and Security, King’s College, London – Taught by the Department of War Studies
  • LLM European Law School, University of Maastricht.

My Languages

English, Dutch, German, French, Spanish.

My Interests outside work

Gardening and music festivals.

My Favourite Brussels anecdote

Back in 2009, aftermath of the financial crisis, I was working at Burson-Martsteller with David Earnshaw. We figured we could snag a few financial services clients, so off we went to London to chat with hedge funds about ‘leverage’ and other finance terms. But we quickly realized we were in over our heads. Lesson learned: no more winging it in public affairs.

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