Best consultants

Thomas Krings, Director

RPP Group

My Job

Provide advice re. communication/ interaction w the world of politics in Brussels/Strasbourg, Berlin and also Helsinki.

My Experience

I know both sides of the fence pretty well, politics, from within the EP and the Commission and also industry.

My Proudest Achievements

To make sure that the vote in the European Parliament has the “right” result.

My Education

  • Master’s Degree (Politics and History), University of Cologne (DE), International Summer Programme, Contemporary Political Thought and Int’l Relations, London School of Economics (UK),
  • “St. Galler Finanzlehrgang”, Management & Business School, St. Gallen (CH)

My Languages

German (mother tongue), English, French, Finnish.

My Interests outside work

Reading, Hiking, European History, in particular: Finland and Germany and Football of course and I will below explain why…

My Favourite Brussels anecdote

I had once a very serious job interview in Brussels and the last question that I had been asked in interview was about the line-up of the German team in the final of the World Championship tournament in 1974 in Munich. It was taken by surprise, I have to admit, but I could mention all names. The answer of the employer was simply: “OK, thanks, you got the job.”

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