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Maximilian von Olenhusen, Partner

Acumen Public Affairs

My Job

I advise clients on how to pursue their business objectives in the public policy arena at EU and national level.

My Experience

I started my career as a lawyer at White & Case in Brussels. Before starting at Acumen, I was at Novartis where I held different roles at EU, EMEA and global level. My last role was as the Head of EU Relations and of the Novartis Brussels Office.

My Proudest Achievements

  • Setting up a new type of public affairs function in Novartis
  • Seeing your ideas becoming actual policy proposals

My Education

Law (1st and 2nd German State Exam).

My Languages

German, English, French

My Interests outside work

Family, friends and politics

My Favourite Brussels anecdote

One day a friend of mine was visiting a European industry association where he was not that well known.  However, he knew well the head of the legal department. The receptionist asked him who he was.  He replied: “European Commission, DG Competition.  This is a Dawn Raid.  Please get your head of the legal department here immediately!”.

The receptionist’s hands started to shake.  He pulled out his ‘Dawn Raid Manual’ from a drawer, looked into it for 30 seconds and called the head of the association’s legal department, telling her: “The Commission is here, it is DG COMP.  They are here for an investigation…It’s a Dawn Raid….no, this is not a training this time!”

One can imagine what went on in the head of the legal department at this moment. A minute later she arrived at the reception with a folder.  She was obviously well prepared!  She took a couple of seconds to recognize the visitor for who he really was.  She then shouted at him : ”oh, it’s you!!  You 3@$^@36!!! One day, I will take my revenge for this! “

Such are the powers of DG Competition….

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