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Gerardo Proaño, Managing Director

FTI Consulting

My Job

I provide strategic advice, design, and implement campaigns (including coalition building) in competition, intellectual property, trade, and litigation related matters as well as regulation in a wide range of sectors.

My Experience

For the past 16 years I have worked mainly in EU matters, from high-profile antitrust, M&A and state aid cases to legislative initiatives in the tech, telecoms, financial services, health care and energy sectors as well as cross-sectorial competition and trade policy.

Since I joined FTI Consulting 6 years ago, I have had the opportunity to collaborate with other offices and our network of affiliates, in different member states and across the globe. As a global advisory firm with multiple services, I have also worked with our forensic and litigation, corporate finance, and economic consulting colleagues. Previously, I worked for 10 years at a leading competition public affairs consultancy in Brussels. From its very beginning I contributed to its growth, from consultant to head of the office.

My Proudest Achievements

A few years ago, an SME in the UK was looking for advise on a high-profile state aid case. Together with our financial services team in Brussels and our UK public affairs team, we advocated for changes in the remedy package that was being revised by the European Commission, as it was inadvertently excluding SMEs such as our client. As a result, the final decision by the Commission acknowledged the issue and addressed it with success, which as beneficial to all parties but above all, the EU economy and consumers.

My Education

B.A., Economics, Management and Finance, Solvay Business School
M.A., International Business Law, Trade and Tax Law, Universitat de Barcelona

My Languages

English, French, Dutch and Spanish

My Interests outside work

Music is one of my passions, I play the guitar and the drums as well as other Latin percussion instruments, I like going to the opera or to a concert. I love cooking while enjoying the company of family and friends. I like cycling which is a great way to know places.

My Favourite Brussels anecdote

The head of our office and myself were leading on a new business pitch abroad where we initially had to present our strategy. Unexpectedly, the prospect wanted to negotiate the contract and sign it on the spot. Thankfully, one of our local colleagues guided us through the process and we managed to secure our mandate. This was a reminder that one must consider the cultural differences when dealing with international clients.

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