Best consultants

My Job

Leading RPP Group from our headquarters in Brussels and supporting colleagues on projects across our European offices.

My Experience

Having started my public affairs career two decades ago, I have since then worked inside and outside European institutions on building strong policies. Four years of managing a financial service provider in Luxembourg has formed my approach to leadership of teams and projects with commitment and loyalty.

My Proudest Achievements

Being surrounded by colleagues and clients whose integrity, kindness, professionalism and excellence I can trust at any given moment.

My Education

Social Sciences, Philosophy and Law at Duisburg University.

My Languages

German, English, French.

My Interests outside work

Everything around flying. I am a passionate aerobatic flight instructor and skydiver.

My Favourite Brussels anecdote

Although anecdotes spice up any conversation, they are by far not as relevant for decision making in public affairs.

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