Best trainers

The leading training organisations for Brussels public affairs practitioners are:

  1. The European Centre for Public Affairs (The ECPA) promotes excellence in public affairs through best practice sharing, professional development and dialogue between the various EU affairs actors. The ECPA membership is primarily comprised of Corporates and Trade Associations, but also NGOs and Institutions, as well as Knowledge Partners (academics and consultants). ECPA events aim to; share Best Practice via their Corporate Circle; develop Professional & Organizational Skills through regular one-day training courses; and  acquire Knowledge during ECPA Insights sessions.
  2. The Public Affairs Council (PAC) is the leading nonpartisan, nonpolitical association for public affairs professionals worldwide. Their mission is to advance the field of public affairs and provide tools and resources that help public affairs executives and managers to achieve their business and professional goals. PAC provides more than 150 executive education programs on global public affairs and advocacy, of which many are in Europe, including webinars.  PAC also creates customized training on public affairs management and strategy to help you expand internal expertise and elevate public affairs in your organization.
  3. AdvocacyAcademy is the only comprehensive user-friendly online education platform designed by public affairs professionals for public affairs professionals. It empowers all public affairs professionals by offering instructional videos, toolkits, templates, and guides – all designed to improve your Public Affairs work. The content is all practical and focused on the key knowledge, skills, tasks, and deliverables to have an immediate, and lasting, impact on your work. Whether you are leading a global team or just starting out, AdvocacyAcademy offers you the opportunity to make a tangible difference to your Public Affairs work and career. Their content is created by a global team of public affairs professionals and academics, all with established expertise in public affairs.
  4. The Influence Builders Academy offers a comprehensive catalogue of workshops designed to improve skills and knowledge in strategic communications, public affairs, and EU decision-making procedures. These workshops are tailored to meet the specific needs of professionals looking to enhance their expertise in engaging with EU institutions and strategic messaging. The four core areas they cover are: Communications Strategy & Persuasion; European Union Institutions and Public Affairs; Public Affairs & Strategy; Using ChatGPT for public affairs & strategic communications.

There also exist numerous private initiatives ranging from the relaunched European Training Institute (ETI) to public affairs courses from various universities.

Consultancies and Law Firms also offer bespoke sessions on any subject ranging from media training to comitology.

For instance, Cullen International provides regular training courses into communications sector regulation and competition law.

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