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Andrew Cecil

Andrew Cecil, CEO


My Job

My day job is to deliver solutions that help clients solve complex, multi-market corporate, regulatory, and reputational assignments. But my real job – and the one I find most rewarding – is building great and diverse teams across Europe that together deliver best-in-class client service.

My Experience

Before BCW, I led European Public Policy for Amazon (6 Years) and Yahoo! (4 years). Previously I worked at Hill and Knowlton and at Cabinet Stewart.

My Proudest Achievements

Brussels is full of young, talented, and bright people from across Europe. I’ve had the pleasure to work with many of these amazing people over the twenty or so years I have been in and out of Brussels. Above all, the one thing that keeps me coming to work every morning is seeing these great people succeed, being able to share in their growth and feeling that in some small way I may have contributed to their journey.

My Education

Bristol University Law LLB (1993), INSEAD MBA (2003)

My Languages

English and French

My Interests outside work

Gardening (this year’s crop: rhubarb, gooseberries, blackberries, redberries, broccoli, cauliflower, apples, peas, leeks, broad beans etc), Skiing (aged 21 I had to choose between a life in the mountains versus moving to Brussels….) and rugby (playing career cut short at 40 with the realisation I could no longer keep up with 20 year olds…).

My Favourite Brussels anecdote

At the outset of my career – as a very young, naïve, and inexperienced lobbyist – I was packed off to Strasbourg for my first ever meeting with an MEP. I stood for 15 minutes in front of the MEPs office, sweaty palms, rehearsing my lines, terrified.  Eventually I plucked up enough courage to knock on the door and went in and had what I thought was a very successful meeting. Little did I know…the MEP was a friend of my manager and they had set up what was in fact a fictitious meeting to test me and see whether I was ready or not to become a fully-fledged lobbyist……

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