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My Job

In 2019, I founded Ohana, convinced of my ability to reconcile corporate interests and environmental concerns.

Ohana’s mission is to make EU policies and processes easy to understand and readily actionable within organisations. In a collaborative spirit, we develop tailored strategies based on the needs of each client and work in close proximity with their teams
to make it happen.

My Experience

I have over 16 years’ experience in public affairs, in-house and within industry association. I have always focused on sustainability policies, gaining an understanding of various sectors: textiles, healthcare, and information and communication technologies.

I also gained experience in defining and implementing sustainability strategies in companies.

My Proudest Achievements

My peers and clients have recognised me as a visionary and progressive voice, raising awareness on the future public affairs needs. For example, I started working on EU textile engagement 10 years ago whereas it was not on the industry and consultancies’ radar yet.

My Education

  • Master in European Public Management (ISMaPP, Brussels)
  • Double International Business Bachelor at CESEM (Reims, France) and ICADE Business School (Madrid, Spain) with major in finance

My Languages

French, English, Spanish.

My Interests outside work

Multi-day hikes are the best way to disconnect from work. In 2017, I crossed part of Italy during a 44-day hiking trip, covering over 1.000 km. On a day-to-day, I walk from home to the EU quarter to avoid Brussels public transport…

Otherwise, I enjoy ceramics classes, going to concerts, taking photographs.

My Favourite Brussels anecdote

At the beginning of the 2019-2024 mandate, with one of my clients, we met with a MEP to brainstorm on how to provide a clear overview of the textile industry to the broadest group of MEPs possible.

The brainstorm was very positive and we were getting excited about all the possibilities. The MEP and I spontaneously high-fived each other at the end of the meeting leaving my client and the political assistant out of it. Next time I will make sure my clients are included….

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