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Alberta Laschena

Alberta Laschena, Partner


My Job

I help companies achieve their public affairs goals in Brussels and beyond. To this end, I design and implement public affairs strategies in general, and advise on antitrust, state aid and merger control procedures in particular. I also provide strategic advice to multinational companies that are willing to invest in the EU with respect to political and regulatory environment. (But if you ask my children, they would say I’m a full-time personal driver).

My Experience

Senior Associate lawyer in the Brussels office of an Italian law firm advising companies on EU and Italian antitrust, consumers protection and regulatory topics.

Seconded national expert in Unit dealing with competition in the automotive sector at DG Competition of the EU Commission.

Official at the Italian Competition Authority, dealing with transport and media and part of the private office of a Member of the College.

My Proudest Achievements

I led a team of consultants to ensure that a client could take and implement the most appropriate investment decision in a very complex business and political environment. In a very short period of time, we executed policy and economic market research that was vital for the client to take the investment decision which entailed high economic and political risk. On the basis of our advice, the client proceeded with the investment which proved to be successful despite great risks and uncertainties.

My Education

  • Law degree, La Sapienza University, Rome
  • Exam to become member of the Bar of Rome
  • Master’s degree in European policies, Louvain La Neuve University, Belgium

My Languages

Italian, English, French.

My Interests outside work

  • Cycling
  • Gardening
  • Reading
  • Cooking lasagna

My Favourite Brussels anecdote

When I was an enforcer at the Italian Competition Authority, I came to Brussels for a hearing on an antitrust case. It was my first time in Brussels, it was mid-June and I was not prepared for Brussels’ weather conditions. I was thus dressed as people are dressed in Italy during summer. Unfortunately, in Brussels it was very cold, and I was freezing. At a certain moment, the hearing officer looked at me and asked me why I was dressed too lightly. I replied: “it is summer in Italy!”. He looked at me and added: “not yet in Brussels”. Since then I learned to get dressed in layers: “the Brussels way!”

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