Best consultants

Marie Gorkem, Partner


My Job

Advise and support clients in their effort to shape the policies that directly affect them via evidence-based and constructive advocacy.

My Experience

Public affairs consultant, Regulatory affairs manager.

My Specialisms

My Proudest Achievements

Convincing EU and national authorities that a recently adopted regulation needed to be reopened. As part of this unprecedented step, new benchmarks were developed for that regulation.

My Education

  • Political Science degree from Science Po Lille and Westfälische Wilhelm’s Universität Münster.
  • Master’s degree in European affairs, Institut Catholique de Paris


My Languages

French, English, with some Dutch, German and Turkish.

My Interests outside work

My strong sense for public policies extends beyond the workplace, notably through following political developments and engaging in volunteer work in the area of education. I’m also an avid swimmer.

My Favourite Brussels anecdote

While certain people, including senior Brussels figures, may well speak several languages, there is only one language they listen to.

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