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Angel Rebollo

Angel Rebollo, Founder & CEO

ARPA - EU Affairs & Communications

My Job

I help my clients to successfully address their challenges navigating them through the many pathways of communications, political, regulatory, and media environments.

My Experience

I arrived in Brussels in 2009 and most of all these years have been dedicated to learning and growing professionally as EU public affairs consultant.

I have been consultant of a global communication and strategic positioning consultancy and I became its Brussels office Director and Head of EU Affairs for 5 years (Atrevia). I am currently partner of a rencognized consulting firm in Brussels (MUST&Partners), and also created my own European Public Affairs boutique consulting firm – ARPA – which I am also running.

During this period, I have advised large multinational companies, European associations, international consultancies and NGOs. Well versed in the European institutional framework, I have worked as adviser in the European Parliament during the legislature 2009-2014. During this period, my active follow-up and participation in the parliamentary committee of the Internal Market and Consumer Rights stood up. My experience in the working groups on the European Digital Single Market must be highlighted too.

Member of the Board of Directors of the Official Chamber of Commerce of Spain in Belgium and Luxembourg and member of its Business Forum Committiee.

Previously I also worked as a international trade technician for the General Secretariat of the Federation of Chambers of Commerce of Spain in Europe (FEDECOM), at its headquarters in Brussels.

My professional career, before my landing in Brussels, goes back to when I worked in the private banking sector, where I worked as a banking advisor and account manager in entities such as Santander Private Bank and Kutxabank.

My Proudest Achievements

One of my greatest achievements has been taking on the great challenge of opening an office for a Spanish public affairs consultancy from scratch, starting it up, building a team and turning it into the leading Spanish consultancy with a presence in Brussels.

My Education

Degree in Economics and Business Sciences from ETEA – Loyola University Andalucía. Master in Entrepreneurial Development and Innovation.

My Languages

Spanish, English, Italian, French

My Interests outside work

My passion is music, I play (or played) drums, having played in different bands in the past. I also try a little guitar and I have some piano notion cause I received lessons when I was a child. I like all kinds of music but my favourite genre in rock music. I really enjoy going to concerts and music festivals. It’s another good excuse to travel, my other great passion. Of course these passions are nourished by others as important as family, friends, reading …

My Favourite Brussels anecdote

As everyone knows, Brussels is one of the most important political decision-making centers in the world. It is very normal to see or meet in same same places than political representatives from different countries of the world, not only those who because of our work we have more opportunity to meet them, you can also find them in a restaurant, at the airport or other places. Once I met the president of a country (which I can not reveal) at an event in Brussels, we had a pleasant conversation and at the end of the act, we exchanged business cards. He was leaving that same day back to his country and one hour after the event I received a call, it was him, he was at the airport, he told me he had left in the hotel room, his wallet, a watch, a pair of pants and a belt (his suitcase was probably half empty at the time). He asked me if I could do him the favor of taking his stuff to the airport because his plane would take off  in less than an hour and he did not have time to return to the hotel. He told me that he did not know anyone who was in Brussels at the time and that is why he remembered that he had my business card and he called me. Since then we congratulate Christmas every year.

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