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Roberta Lusardi

Roberta Lusardi, Director

Brunswick Group

My Job

As Director at Brunswick Group Brussels office, I support my clients in critical issues concerning energy and sustainability.

My Experience

For most of my career, I have worked on energy and sustainability, ranging from project development on the ground to communication and social acceptance. It has been fascinating to see how the energy landscape has changed in less than ten years: as one of my first assignments I worked on a communication campaign to dispel the misconceptions around renewable energy, whereas today renewables are one of the pillars of the EU Green Deal. Also, doing project development in the Middle East (UAE) and Africa was an incredibly rewarding and enriching experience. Coming to Brussels has put all the pieces together and has shown me how policies are critical to set the path for a clean energy future. Most recently, I have mostly worked on EU policy communications campaigns. In a former life, I was a journalist at an Italian TV news channel.

My Proudest Achievements

I am proud to work in a field that has such an impact on people’s lives and our environment. I am very happy that the Coalition for Action, a group of companies, associations and NGOs that I spearheaded with a small team at the International Renewable Energy Agency is thriving and pushing for a sustainable future.

On a more personal note, it was great fun to create a start-up of sustainable luxury handbags with my best friend in my hometown in Italy.

My Education

I hold a Master’s degree (M.A.) in International Economics and Middle East studies from the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) and a B.A. in International Relations from the Universita’ degli Studi di Milano.

My Languages

My working languages are English, Italian, French and Spanish. I am also proficient in Arabic.

My Interests outside work

I am a big fan of contemporary arts. On rainy days I love to watch old Italian and French movies.

My Favourite Brussels anecdote

I would have never expected to have as a neighbour a Moroccan colleague of mine from Abu Dhabi. We used to work together ten years ago and lost touch for a while. Guess what, I found her at the Abu Dhabi airport and we discovered we were living one block away from each other!

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