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My Job

I love to connect dots: from innovation to patients, from the private sector to the public administration. For this reason, I joined Incisive Health as director in May 2022. After working for 5 years on health and social care systems sustainability and resilience, I wanted to share my knowledge with clients and work together on innovation, access to treatment, and disease-specific issues. In my role at Incisive Health, I provide strategic advice to clients from the healthcare and life science sectors on EU engagement, coalition building, and partnership building with public authorities. I work on rare diseases, medical devices, oncology, personalised medicine, clinical trials, access to market, value-based healthcare, procurement for innovation, European funds, and European health and research policies.

My Experience

I have been working for 17 years in Brussels as an EU affairs professional, first leading the policy practice at the Emilia-Romagna Region Delegation to the EU, then moving to the healthcare sector as Executive Director of EUREGHA (European Regional and Local Health Authorities), and finally joining Incisive Health.

My Proudest Achievements

Making EUREGHA—European Regional and Local Health Authorities—the reference network on EU and regional health policies for policymakers, stakeholders, and regions across Europe. When I joined the association, with a leadership role as Executive Director, I established the advocacy strategy from scratch, securing the participation of the association in key European projects, EC working groups, and multistakeholder coalitions, while revamping internally the governance and growing the secretariat. Knowing that I left EUREGHA in a solid position while creating opportunities for talented young professionals to enter the EU healthcare business is my proudest achievement.

My Education

I studied law, but advancing healthcare and public health policies for all in the European region and globally is my mission and vision. I therefore took specific programmes at the Universite’ de Bruxelles on “Innovation of Healthcare” and the London School of Economics and Political Science on “Health Economics and Policy” to gain the right knowledge to act for a change.

My Languages

I am an Italian native speaker, who speaks fluently English and French.
I am a committed yoga student, and I recently got my certificate as a yoga teacher. I love cats, literature, theatre, and listening endlessly to music. As a passionate backpacker, I wander all around the world.

My Favourite Brussels anecdote

I enjoyed the sunset from “Congress” while listening to my favourite playlist. Yes, I know Brussels is a grey city; this is why I am still moved and amazed by those sunsets.

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