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Nicola Scocchi, Partner and Head of Brussels Office


My Job

I’m currently Partner and Head of Brussels Office at Fourtold, leading a team of brilliant consultants that deliver strategic, integrated, inside-out public affairs and communications services to support clients on critical policy issues.

My Experience

Throughout my professional career, I have been leading high-profile government affairs and communication projects and campaigns for a wide range of blue-chip companies, trade associations and governments, supporting them on policy and regulatory matters, product launches and the establishment of multi-stakeholders coalitions.
Before joining Fourtold, I held various positions in two leading global advisory firms, guiding clients in their public affairs and communication engagements. In my latest role, I was a member of the Brussels office’s management team and head of the healthcare practice.
Previously, I assisted a Member of the European Parliament focusing on health and food policies.

My Proudest Achievements

My proudest achievement to date is probably being able to mentor students and young professionals on how to approach and navigate the complex public affairs environment. I’ve been providing lectures in public affairs and government relations for a number of years now, and I still feel that interacting with students and coaching them on how to understand public affairs is extremely rewarding. At the same time, it allows me to think about my profession from the outside, which is always a good exercise in order to come up with fresh ideas and new strategies.

My Education

  • Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from the University of Trieste
  • Master’s degree in European Public Policy from the University of Kent

My Languages

Italian (mother tongue), English and Spanish.

My Interests outside work

I love sports, in particular football and boxing. As soon as I realized the positive effect sports had on my mind, it became impossible for me not to practice sport during my free time.

My Favourite Brussels anecdote

When it comes to Brussels anecdotes, I find it interesting to see how many mutually beneficial professional relations begin outside offices and meeting rooms. This shows how important it is for a public affairs professional to find a balance between getting things done when sitting at his or her desk, and at the same time don’t forget the importance of networking, whether at policy events, cultural exhibitions or other social events.

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