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Harry Nedelcu

Harry Nedelcu, Director of Policy

Rasmussen Global

My Job

I work on some of the key geopolitical issues at the present moment for the Western world, combining political work, policy and campaigning.

I am fortunate and proud to work with a great team of very talented people. We choose our clients carefully. We take on causes we believe in; and we are hands-on and high-level – focused on making a real impact and shifting the dial in order to advance important public policies.

My Experience

Before being a consultant, I worked with the Policy Planning Unit at NATO, where I contributed on some important files, such as security in Central and Eastern Europe or hybrid warfare and disinformation.

Prior to this I was a lecturer at various universities where, for four years, I taught on subjects related to politics, security and foreign affairs.

My Proudest Achievements

Quite a few, where I was honoured to have been able to make a positive impact – whether it was leading a campaign for a European country seeking to start accession talks to join the EU; or steering a major renewable energy company, looking to shape government policies in an emerging market outside the EU.

I am proud to have played my own individual part towards the promotion of freedom and democracy.  My boss, Anders Fogh Rasmussen founded the Transatlantic Commission on Election Integrity – together with Joe Biden – after stepping down as NATO Secretary General. I have helped create this bi-partisan, transatlantic body, where among others I’ve led the Commission’s work in countering disinformation in Ukraine.

My Education

  • Carleton University, PhD International Relations
  • McGill University, B.A. Political Science

My Languages

English, French, German, Romanian, Russian (basic).

My Interests outside work

While in Brussels, after work, you are likely to find me training at the gym. On my holidays, you’ll see me explore new cultures and places, as far away from Brussels as possible.

My Favourite Brussels anecdote

Too many to count. Brussels is a small place – chances are at some point, some place, someone in your anecdote will show up in the stories of somebody you’ve just met.

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