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Firm Description

RPP is specialized in policy development and political communication. RPP is also an industry leader in integrating visual communication into public affairs campaigns.

Our expertise lies in creating win-win scenarios for clients, policy-makers and stakeholders, and in identifying and communicating the societal value of ideas and products.

Our team comprises talented young professionals from a variety of nationalities and disciplines working in partnership with a renowned multinational group of senior experts.

Ownership Structure

Privately owned with headquarters in Brussels

International Structure

Created in 2002 in Brussels, RPP’s organic growth responded to clients’ needs to take RPP ‘s strategic programmes to new markets, which has resulted in opening offices in Berlin, London, Paris, Rome, Hamburg, Vienna, Madrid and Canberra.

Key Strengths

We take seriously our role in the political and societal landscape. If your ideas, or products can shape the future, RPP can help get your message to policy-makers and important stakeholders.

We strive to understand and reflect both the bottom-up and top-down processes of European and national policy making. Our offices in Europe’s major capitals ensure we meet our commitment to a robust approach to all political issues.

Our success in redesigning political communication stems from our unique approach in developing cutting-edge strategies to help shape and improve policy.

Number of Public Affairs Consultants


Key Clients

AAA, Alpha-1 Global, Avicenna Alliance, Becton Dickinson, Apellis, Boehringer Ingelheim, Blood Transfusion Alliance, Cepheid, DICE, EFPIA, EAMBES, Edwards Lifescience, International Patient Organisation for Primary Immunodeficiencies, Nuclear Medicine Europe, Macopharma, MSD Animal Health, Pfizer, Prolacta, Takeda, Terumo BCT, Sanofi, SPARC Europe.

Thought Leadership

RPP Group helped establish the Avicenna Alliance working on computer modelling & simulation in healthcare which will be the bridge between the potential of big data and the promise of personalized medicine.

RPP helped consolidate and establish the pancreatic cancer community in Europe, through the creation of a non-profit association in Belgium. By federating patient associations, experts, researchers and policy makers around this devastating disease, we are proud to contribute to ensuring a higher prioritisation in public policies and supporting better care for patients.

RPP has supported the development of an application to the ERAMUS+ funding scheme with a consortium of experts dedicated to establishing an “RLT Academy” to improve educational efforts for medical professionals around radioligand therapies. This application was successful and the consortium is now being supported by RPP to develop an educational programme around Radioligand therapies in Europe and beyond.

Testimonials and why clients like to work with us

“RPP Group has been instrumental in helping turn a research project into a full-fledged Association of Industries and Researchers working towards a common goal. Bringing their policy expertise to the Avicenna Alliance Secretariat, RPP Group has brought real policy results for the benefit of our Members and ever increasingly influence for the Alliance.”

Thierry Marchal, Secretary General of the Avicenna Alliance

“The RPP team are expert, enthusiastic, and elastic. I enjoy working with them because they use novel insights to produce impactful results.”

Lydia Makaroff, Former Director of ECPC

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