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Arguably the biggest lobbying community in Brussels of them all are government representations. Indeed, Brussels hosts 183 embassies, the most out of any city in the world. Brussels is unique in that it is not only the seat of the Belgian Government, but also of the European Union to which countries accredit representatives. Thus, a country can send up to two ambassadors to Brussels, one to Belgium, and one to the EU. Some embassies serve both functions, while other countries open separate embassies for both.

All of the EU Member States have employed consultants and lawyers at one time or other in Brussels. Council presidencies, particularly provide opportunities for public affairs consultancies in all their aspects. Governments are increasingly local, and many cities and regions have representation in Brussels. However, it is often the non-EU governments of Eastern Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia that spend the most money on Brussels advisers, on a variety of issues ranging from trade to the environment.

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