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About DGA

Brussels Office Since


Firm Description

Dentons Global Advisors (formerly Interel) is an expert-led advisory firm that provides integrated solutions for clients in an increasingly complex, regulated and interconnected business environment. Comprising Albright Stonebridge Group and a deep bench of communications, public affairs, government relations and strategy consultants, we help clients engage with governments and regulatory bodies, navigate public disclosures and transactions within the private and capital markets, and manage their reputations through critical moments of change, challenge or opportunity. Our relationship with Dentons, the world’s largest law firm, means clients can draw upon integrated legal expertise and strategic advisory services when and where they need them.

Ownership Structure


International Network

The Dentons Global Advisors Network connects you with best-in-class public affairs firms in more than 70 countries. The Network draws its membership from organizations of all sizes that help clients shape government policy or public opinion through government relations, strategic communications, stakeholder engagement, grassroots organizing, grass-tops outreach, survey research, as well as digital and social media engagement.

Key Strengths

Success is based on deep subject matter expertise across food and health, energy, chemicals, transport, sustainability, mobility, digital, and technology. This knowledge is combined with specialist association management services and an unrivalled global reach through the Dentons Global Advisors Network.

We have a strong team of senior advisors who enable our clients to see the bigger picture: the team includes Dominique Ristori and Claus Sorensen, former Commission Director Generals; Linda Corugedo Steneberg, former Commission Director (DG Connect), Michael Bartholomew, former ETNO Director General and Catherine Stewart, founder of Cabinet Stewart.

Number of Public Affairs Consultants

75 in Brussels. Together, we are more than 1000 consultants covering more than 70 markets in the Americas, Asia-Pacific, Africa and the Middle East, and Europe.

Key Clients

Dentons Global Advisors has been a market leader in Brussels for 40 years and advises, amongst others, Albioma, Asahi, Bristol Myers Squibb, the Coca-Cola Company, Eaton,  Expedia, Honeywell, L’Oréal, Intel, Johnson & Johnson, MSD, Pinterest, Reddit, Sony Interactive Entertainment, Sherwin-Williams and TE Connectivity.

Testimonials and why clients like to work with us

“We see Dentons Global Advisors as a natural extension of our team. Year after year, our partnership gets stronger, deeply rooted in trust and built upon strategic insights and excellent delivery. Interel is a sounding board and a sparring partner.”

Wouter Vermeulen, Senior Director Sustainability & Public Policy, Europe, the Coca-Cola Company

“The Dentons Global Advisors team has not only provided us with high quality strategic advice but has also been highly effective in managing all aspects of the coalition and delivering concrete results.”

Kevin Prey, IP Counsel, SAP

Dentons Global Advisors is a valued partner for me. The team combines excellent intelligence and insight with an advisory capacity which really helps me keep the business ahead of developments”.

Dr. Kieren Mayers, Senior Director of Environment, Social, and Governance, Sony Interactive Entertainment

“Dentons Global Advisors has become our trusted partner for public affairs. Their support and advice help us to address the company’s GR priorities properly on an everyday basis. Their professionalism, dedication and tailored services are highly appreciated“,

Chris Hess, Vice President, Eaton

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