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Firm Description

Established in Brussels for over 30 years, Schuman Associates is an EU business advisory firm focused on funding, communication and public affairs. Schuman Associates is well known for its hands-on approach to EU funding. We coach clients to formulate and implement business development strategies to capitalise on Public-funded leads. We provide key intelligence on upcoming policy and funding initiatives and support a broad range of clients, from governments and large global firms to SMEs and NGOs. We are experienced in developing and managing Brussels-based communication strategies, projects and associations around various policy areas. Since 2017, Schuman Associates has managed the European Commission project, the European Broadband Competence Offices Support Facility.

Ownership Structure

Schuman Associates is independently owned.

International Structure

Headquartered in Brussels with a network of offices in Athens, Bucharest, Dublin, Hannover, Madrid, Milan, Prague, Rome, Sofia, Warsaw and partners in the USA.

Key Strengths

Schuman Associates supports clients to:

  • understand and influence the policy and regulatory framework
  • leverage market opportunities created by EU, national and multilateral donor funding programmes
  • successfully bid for and implement publicly funded projects
  • design communication and advocacy strategies to engage with EU stakeholders.

With a combined focus on funding and policy, we capture the complete life cycle of an opportunity for our clients.

Number of Public Affairs Consultants


Key Clients

Anti-money Laundering Europe, Bird & Bird, Council of Europe Development Bank, Deutsche Telekom, Edwards, ESBI,European Commission, European Energy, Irish Aviation Authority, Lantmännen, Liberty Global, Medtronic, Microsoft, Philips, SAP, Skillnet Ireland, Swedfund, , Signify, The Adecco Group.

Thought Leadership

Committed to the highest professional standards, integrity is key to our service to clients and in our relations with the European institutions. We are dedicated to delivering beyond expectations and to giving a return on investment.

Testimonials and why clients like to work with us

“We are working with Schuman Associates on the European Green Deal and Recovery Plans. It is a great pleasure to work with the Schuman team. They are very professional, have good knowledge on the big picture and are hands-on in identifying, tracking and pursuing opportunities, ranging from stakeholder mapping to granular funding flows and individual program initiatives. This enables our country teams to follow-up on business opportunities from these programs, while contributing to green and digital recovery and growth of Europe. When working with the Schuman team (both the central team in Brussels and the country representatives) it really feels like we are all part of one company! ”


“At the Adecco Group we have a longstanding partnership with Schuman. They are providing invaluable support to us, helping us access EU funds in a variety of ways. In addition to that, Schuman also helps us with public affairs. What we appreciate about Schuman is that they show a lot of flexibility towards us as clients. Whenever we may face a limitation, they will do their best to accommodate and ensure that we still have maximum impact on the ground in Brussels. The Schuman consultants are experts in their fields who always try to make us look good in Brussels.”

The Adecco Group

“Schuman’s agency expertise has been instrumental to prioritising and supporting MasterCard’s role and activities in the EU funding ecosystem. The know-how, flexibility and professionalism of the team contribute to creating an effective, qualitative and enjoyable collaboration environment.”


“The British Council commissioned Schuman Associates to perform a strategic analysis of the impact of the EU Referendum on the access to funding for the UK’s Education and Culture sectors. The work done by Schuman Associates was of outstanding quality for its clarity in quantitative and qualitative terms, and offered insightful proposals to address this impact. This no doubt stems from their extensive experience of the EU, as well as their astute understanding of the British Council requirements in this study.”

The British Council

“We have been working for years with Schuman and have always enjoyed their professional support on planned and unplanned missions to detect business opportunities. Thanks to their daily work, we keep a continuous control on long-term initiatives, even at the very early stage. Schuman always finds who to contact in the sometimes complex EU organisation. This partnership is very valuable.”


“Schuman Associates has been a long standing partner to help Philips understand the various EU funds, make realistic assumptions on where we can play, and win. Schuman is currently doing a great job helping us to develop our strategy on how to address the Recovery and Resilience Funds, HERA, EU4Health and others in the coming years. The great thing is that the closer you work with Schuman Associates the more they become an integral part of your team, and the advise just gets better and better.”


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