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About ADS Insight

Brussels Office Since


Firm Description

Who we are:

  • A leading international consultancy specialised in EU affairs
  • Established in 2001, 14 team members, solid reputation for fostering constructive dialogue
  • Flexible and versatile – adaptable to various needs of organisations
  • Dynamic, international and multilingual team, 12 nationalities and more than 13 languages
  • Committed to contributing to the SDGs
  • Nicest consultancy in town (and we think nice matters!)

Services we provide:

  • Monitoring and reporting on relevant EU and national developments
  • Providing strategic advice on EU and national policies in a variety of areas
  • Conducting and coordinating advocacy campaigns
  • Organising meetings, events, workshops
  • Drafting studies and reports (including for the EU institutions)
  • Assisting with EU funding applications and EU media relations

Ownership Structure

SRL, private company.

International Structure

Branch offices in Sweden, Germany, Poland and satellite offices in France, Italy and the US.

Extensive global network through professional contacts extending across Africa, Japan, small island developing states, Canada and the US.

Key Strengths

  • Our people: our dedicated, committed, and highly professional team
  • Vast experience in core fields: maritime, energy, circular economy, education, agri-food, health and sustainability
  • Prior experience from within the EU institutions
  • Flexible, proactive and quick-footed
  • We do what we say and say what we do


Number of Public Affairs Consultants


Key Clients

  • DNV
  • European Commission
  • Japan Association of Marine Safety
  • Reloop Platform
  • ESWI
  • Coursera
  • ECSA
  • Einride

Thought Leadership

We seek effective policy that protects people, planet and economic prosperity – today and in the future.

Testimonials and why clients like to work with us

What makes us unique is our style. We are known as the nicest consultancy in town; polite and constructive, even in strenuous situations. We foster genuine dialogue based on mutual trust.

Testimonials from clients:

  • “I see ADS as a stakeholder instead of a lobby group – a valuable key entity in terms of policy development. They go deep, not scratching the surface”
  • “I really appreciate the trust, confidential information is never an issue”
  • “Beyond professional – creative, passionate and enthusiastic”
  • “Symbiotic relationship”
  • “Responsive, proactive, hands-on, intelligent answers”
  • “Long-term loyalty”
  • “Thorough knowledge, expertly applied”

Best in Brussels 2022/23 Report

Best in Brussels is the first and only independent resource for organisations wanting to identify, compare and choose the best partners in Brussels for their advocacy needs.