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Vulcan Consulting: Leading Strategic Insights in EU Regulatory and Public Affairs

Vulcan Consulting is a dynamic, award-winning consultancy. We specialise in EU regulatory and public affairs. Vulcan offers unparalleled expertise to a wide range of clients, including burgeoning businesses, multinational corporations, trade associations, government agencies and international organisations. Known for our innovative, agile and results-oriented approach, we consistently tackle and overcome the most complex regulatory and public policy challenges.

Mastering the art and science of public affairs requires meticulous planning and precise execution. Vulcan understands that different stakeholders – from politicians and regulators to the general public – have different levels of engagement. This calls for bespoke messaging to ensure that clients’ objectives neatly dovetail with the public interest. This strategic alignment is crucial for navigating the complexities of regulation.

Our core mission is deeply rooted in a profound understanding of our clients’ goals and the cultural dynamics that shape their environments. This depth of insight enables us to provide practical, actionable advice that not only anticipates challenges but also captures strategic opportunities. We engage in detailed scenario planning and strategic objective setting to maximise opportunities and mitigate risks effectively.

Vulcan’s team is comprised of top-tier experts, including former ministers, diplomats, economists, communications specialists, advanced manufacturing experts, and state aid specialists: the entire team is dedicated to excellence. Our commitment to thought leadership and partnership is evident as we become trusted advisors to a diverse clientele. We maintain a strategic, goal-focused approach in all engagements, ensuring our solutions not only meet but exceed client expectations.

Ownership Structure

Vulcan is a private Limited Liability Company.

International Network

Vulcan has offices in Brussels and Dublin. Vulcan is also a member of the Fipra International Network, which means we are positioned to draw on the knowledge and insights of our strategic partners in every EU/EEA Member State.

Key Strengths

We have extensive experience of working in the following sectors: advanced manufacturing; semiconductor industry; pharmaceuticals; healthcare; technology; security; and financial services.

As an award-winning EU-Irish consultancy we are well-positioned to provide tailored services to our clients. Under the leadership of our CEO Lucinda Creighton, Ireland’s former Minister of State for European Affairs, we boast an impressive team of former government ministers, ambassadors, economists, European Commission officials, journalists, funding, state aid and policy experts.

Number of Public Affairs Consultants

We have 18 full time public affairs specialists across our Dublin and Brussels offices.

Key Clients

Amazon, Apple, Analog Devices, Eli Lilly and Company, Intel, Irish Pharmaceutical Healthcare Association, Revcap, Bank of America, US Cranberry Marketing Committee, British Toy and Hobby Association, Forest Industries Ireland, J&J, Toppan Photomask.

Testimonials and why clients like to work with us

Since engaging Vulcan Consulting, we have made major progress in raising awareness of the photomask industry with European national governments and the European Commission in recent months. We are extremely satisfied with our significant progress, having gained traction in public and governmental affairs at all levels. Vulcan’s agile, flexible approach coupled with speedy execution and a network of highly experienced business and political professionals, have proven invaluable to our priorities in recent months. Vulcan’s expertise continues to be a major asset in enhancing our public image and political influence. I highly recommend Vulcan Consulting without hesitation: the team is truly a best-in-class.

Adrian Phillips, President Europe, Toppan Photomask Company 

‘From the beginning, Ann has been proactive and understood the needs of the BTHA and our members. I would recommend Vulcan’s services to anyone in the consumer sector – efficient, flexible and reliable, their team offers invaluable expertise on EU policy, regulatory compliance and Brexit planning and have been a pleasure to work with.’

Natasha Crookes, Director of Public Affairs & Communications, BTHA

‘Faced with the impact of Brexit and other policy challenge, Forest Industries Ireland (FII) engaged Vulcan to assist our new industry association with its efforts to build deep and enduring relationships with policymakers in Ireland, the UK and Brussels. Vulcan’s bespoke political analysis, attention to detail, and experienced professionals have become a key asset. Adding their perceptive eye for strategic planning to the service offering is making them our ‘go to’ advisor.’

Brian Murphy, Chair, Forest Industries Ireland

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