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Firm Description

Founded in 2016 by our CEO, Lucinda Creighton, a former Member of Parliament and Minister for European Affairs, Vulcan Consulting is a leading government and regulatory affairs firm that offers specialist advice to growing businesses and multinational companies on complex domestic and EU regulation.

With offices in Dublin and Brussels, we bring decades of experience to bear as a key thought leadership partner for indigenous and multinational firms, NGOs and industry associations. We specialise in providing clients with insights, analysis and advice on navigating political and regulatory hurdles across Europe.

Ownership Structure

Vulcan is a private Limited Liability Company.

International Structure

Vulcan has offices in Brussels and Dublin. Vulcan is also a member of the Fipra International Network, which means we are positioned to draw on the knowledge and insights of our strategic partners in every single EU/EEA Member State.

Key Strengths

We have extensive experience working on Technology, Security and Financial Services.

Vulcan’s team is made up of former Government Ministers, EU officials, former diplomats, policy makers, industry leaders, communications professionals and experienced political and regulatory affairs consultants. Our extensive high-level network allows us to gain real time insights for our clients from key decisions makers in Brussels and Dublin.

Number of Public Affairs Consultants

We have ten full time public affairs specialists across our Dublin and Brussels offices.

Key Clients

  • Apple
  • Eli Lilly
  • Irish Pharmaceutical Healthcare Association
  • Revcap
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Counter Extremism Project
  • Irish Local Development Network
  • British Toy and Hobby Association
  • Forest Industries Ireland
  • Bank of America
  • US Cranberry Marketing Committee

Thought Leadership

Vulcan write a weekly newsletter on significant political and regulatory developments at an EU level. We also produce specialised reports on Brexit, trade and elections across Europe.

Our CEO, Lucinda Creighton regularly contributes to International and Irish media, where she has a weekly column in a national broadsheet newspaper. She also regularly contributes to international broadcast media, including Sky News and BBC.

Testimonials and why clients like to work with us

‘Our partnership with Vulcan has been hugely beneficial – the team is dedicated and understands our cause. Vulcan’s insight into technology, security, and defence policy has been in-depth and comprehensive. Their strategic guidance and unparalleled understanding of the E.U. political and regulatory landscape has been vital in progressing our aims in Europe.’

David Ibsen, Executive Director, The Counter Extremism Project.

‘From the beginning, Ann has been proactive and understood the needs of the BTHA and our members. I would recommend Vulcan’s services to anyone in the consumer sector – efficient, flexible and reliable, their team offers invaluable expertise on EU policy, regulatory compliance and Brexit planning and have been a pleasure to work with.’

Natasha Crookes, Director of Public Affairs & Communications, BTHA

‘Faced with the impact of Brexit and other policy challenge, Forest Industries Ireland (FII) engaged Vulcan to assist our new industry association with its efforts to build deep and enduring relationships with policymakers in Ireland, the UK and Brussels. Vulcan’s bespoke political analysis, attention to detail, and experienced professionals have become a key asset. Adding their perceptive eye for strategic planning to the service offering is making them our ‘go to’ advisor.’

Brian Murphy, Chair, Forest Industries Ireland

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