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About #SustainablePublicAffairs

Brussels Office Since

January 2020

Firm Description

#SustainablePublicAffairs is the first purpose-driven Public Affairs agency that only takes on cases that have a positive impact on the environment.


We work for sustainable frontrunners and want to make their performance the norm for the rest. We believe in market-led sustainability and advocate for regulatory conditions that support that.

We believe that public affairs should play an active role in getting us to a better tomorrow and is uniquely well positioned to do so. We hope to change EU policy into a more sustainable frontrunner-friendly environment.

Ownership Structure

SPRL with Willem Vriesendorp as only shareholder

Key Strengths

Our pledge to sustainability leads to three key strengths:

  1. We attract the best consultants, as today’s top talent is motivated primarily by working for a purpose.
  2. We can think transversally across all the different aspects related to sustainability, which leads to better, more creative approaches for our clients
  3. It gives us (and our clients) credibility and this spills over to our connections with the EU Institutions and relevant stakeholders.

We do not only want to talk the talk though – we like to walk to walk, too. Therefore, we also aim to be completely sustainable in our own operations.

Number of Public Affairs Consultants

6 consultants, including founder and 1 strategic advisor

Key Clients

Some of our key clients are:

Please see our advert for testimonials!

Thought Leadership

We are the first purpose-driven Public Affairs agency that only takes on climate-positive cases and this (thought) leadership has been featured in news outlets like Politico and Le Monde.

To contribute to better and more transversal, multi-stakeholder thinking around sustainability we also have our own #SustainableBlog.

We also take a keen interest in academic thought leadership – an example being our contribution (as only the public affairs agency) to the Concurrences handbook on Competition Law, Climate Change & Environmental Sustainability.

Testimonials and why clients like to work with us

“While looking for an agency that shares our vision, ambition as well as commitment to sustainability we decided to partner with #SustainablePublicAffairs. It turns out that was the right choice!”


“In our view, #SustainablePublicAffairs’ has created the new standard for the PA industry.

Closing the Loop

“We believe that working with them also says something about us and our commitment to competitive sustainability!”


“Public affairs doesn’t always have a good ring to it, so when we wanted to hire a public affairs agency, we wanted to be sure it had the same vision on sustainability. That is why we engaged #SustainablePublicAffairs.”


“It is amazing that just months after starting, they are so influential and successful already, and … this is just the beginning!”

AGC – SunEwat

Because it is always better to let others speak about you, than you speak about yourself: Please see our advert for the full version of the testimonials!

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