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Buildings and construction are closely linked to the economy, local employment and quality of life. The construction and materials sector is very important to the EU economy. The sector provides 18 million direct jobs and contributes to about 9% of the EU’s GDP. It also creates new jobs, drives economic growth, and provides solutions for social, climate and energy challenges. The goal of the European Commission is to help the sector become more competitive, resource efficient and sustainable.

Europe has many old cities with old buildings. Its building stock is also getting older and many old buildings are not built for efficient use of energy or a warmer climate. Almost 75% of the building stock is currently energy inefficient and more than 85% of today’s buildings are likely to still be in use in 2050. Energy renovation of buildings is ongoing but at a very slow rate.

The EU’s renovation wave will play a key role in massively upgrading existing buildings in Europe. It will help make them more energy efficient and adapted to climate change.

Faced with growing pressure to renovate homes and reduce energy demand for heating, the European Commission has tabled a proposal to revitalise the EU’s moribund market for construction products. The overhaul of the EU’s Construction Product Regulation (CPR) is the latest in series of legislative recasts aimed at bringing the EU’s laws in line with its climate ambitions.

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