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About Penta (formerly Hume Brophy)

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Firm Description

At Penta, we have reimagined communications, reputation management, and brand-building for times of turbulence. Political populism, digitisation and AI, cultural breaks and geopolitical turmoil are the new way of things. We are your indispensable guide to this uncertain world. And we bring you uncommon new tools to our work.

Our work begins and ends in data. We illustrate what your stakeholders are seeing, thinking, and doing, and help you respond and plan. Our data-driven view on the forces at work helps you act fast. We anticipate trends and help you see what’s coming down the path or round the corner. Stakeholder tensions mean trouble: we guide you to a full view of audiences. We tell you things you don’t know about yourself, break down silos, uncovering secrets about constituencies.

Uniquely, we help you understand every individual stakeholder in detail and as components of an integrated, deliberate corporate engagement strategy.

Ownership Structure

Penta was established in September 2022 following the merger of market-leading firms Ballast Research, Hamilton Place Strategies, Flag Media Analytics, alva, Gotham Research Group, and Decode M. With Hume Brophy joining the group in January 2023, Penta now comprises over 350 professionals globally.

International Network

Penta teams are located in Brussels, Dublin, London, Paris, Washington DC, New York, San Francisco, Vail, Singapore and Hong Kong. We also work with an established network of agency partners in other markets.

Key Strengths

  • We enable evidence-based decision-making on stakeholder issues for the C-Suite.
  • Our solutions integrate unique proprietary AI tech, data, and global sector advisers.
  • We serve and connect the teams managing multiple stakeholders with integrated stakeholder solutions

Number of Public Affairs Consultants

30 in Brussels

Key Clients

  • Airlines for America
  • AMG Lithium
  • Clean Air Fund
  • Commodity Markets Council Europe (CMCE)
  • Dimeta
  • EirGrid
  • European Travel Retail Confederation (ETRC)
  • Kraken
  • Supernal

Testimonials and why clients like to work with us

“It’s a real pleasure working with Penta. Ever-dependable, eager to support, always thinking a step ahead, our partnership has opened new doors and helped establish Clean Air Fund’s presence in Brussels.”

Clean Air Fund

“Working with Penta has been an amazing experience. With their dedication, significant network, and overview of the political and regulatory landscape, they have helped us navigate the EU legislative process and its political framework. We’re looking forward to stepping up our activities with them.”

AMG Lithium

“For the last number of years, Penta have been providing EirGrid with valuable insights into developments at EU level that impact our work as transmission grid operator in Ireland. Penta’s knowledge, and contact base, has helped us to navigate through the multiple challenges and opportunities that have arisen on the EU policy and political landscape.”


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