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Shiraz Dromi, Managing Director, Agri-food, Brussels

Penta (formerly Hume Brophy)

My Job

I work closely with businesses, organizations, and governments to help them navigate the complexities of the EU ecosystem. My role involves assisting them in overcoming challenges and seizing opportunities by providing insights and strategic advice tailored to their specific needs. My approach fosters stakeholder engagement, forging alliances, and bridging the gap between the public and private sectors.

My Experience

I was a Senior Advisor for EU Trade Policy and Agriculture Affairs at the Mission of Israel to the EU in Brussels for six years. I worked on market access, compliance, and advocacy strategies for imported goods across the agricultural, processed, and industrial sectors. Before that, my passion for food started in another unexpected route when I worked as a pastry chef for six years in professional kitchens.

My Proudest Achievements

Transitioning from the public to the private sector was an exciting opportunity. I managed to draw from my experience in the diplomatic environment and embraced the challenge of adapting to the private sector’s dynamic nature. Leveraging my expertise and experience working for a public body, I found and adapted to new avenues for driving impact and contributing to my clients’ success.

My Education

  • LLM. EU Law – Maastricht University
  • MA. European Affairs – The Hebrew University (one-year Erasmus Mundus exchange program at Sciences Po. Paris)
  • B.A. Multidisciplinary studies in the Social Sciences, Specialising in Political Science- Bar-Ilan University

My Languages

English, Hebrew. French is ok. Spanish is sufficient to understand what my Spanish colleagues are chatting about.

My Interests outside work

I am always looking for good coffee spots, preferably ones that do not charge outrageously expensive extras for oat milk.

Additionally, I’m passionate about raising awareness for breast cancer. It’s a cause close to my heart, and I’m dedicated to supporting initiatives promoting early detection, raising research funds, and supporting those affected and their families.

My Favourite Brussels anecdote

So, picture this: I’m waiting at the seemingly eternal traffic light on rue Belliard when, out of nowhere, I spot a familiar face—John the Brit, whom I had previously met in a meeting. But as I greet him with a cheerful ‘hi John,’ I realize from his reaction that he is not John the Brit. Turns out, he is Alberto, the Spanish.

As the small talk continued (have I mentioned it is a LONG light?), Alberto mentioned he was heading to work, and I asked whether he worked at the Spanish Embassy across the street.

Indeed, he does. It turns out he is the ambassador. So, he doesn’t just work there; he is the top diplomat!

(His Excellency, if you are reading this, my apologies again for mistaking you for John).

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