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Firm Description

At Hill+Knowlton Strategies we have been helping clients navigate the European institutions and policy and media landscape for more than five decades.  Every entity has a public, and today’s publics are more powerful than ever before. They have the power to topple trade deals, disband boards, divert corporate strategy, and create unicorns.

We are client obsessed. We ensure our clients communicate their crucial perspectives to the audiences that matter. There’s no issue or challenge we haven’t faced. Our dynamic team from across the globe consistently delivers bold campaigns with real impact, on the most difficult issues at the most crucial times.

Ownership Structure

Part of WPP.

International Structure

Connected as one, our global network is truly unique. With no ‘mother ship’, clients can access the globe through our extensive network of more than 80 offices from any H+K location worldwide. As we are client obsessed, our focus is on serving our clients wherever they are, irrespective of where we are. That means we put the right people in the right place at the right time, wherever needed.

Key Strengths

We believe that good communication is founded on simplicity and creativity, and delivers concrete results. Our expertise is deep, and our client obsession means we are constantly innovating our approach and challenging our thinking. In an environment where many prefer to play it safe, we dare to be bold.

Number of Public Affairs Consultants

Close to 200 public affairs consultants globally of whom 40 in Brussels

Thought Leadership

Hill+Knowlton Strategies Brussels’ consultants regularly share their insights into and analysis of EU industry, policy and sector developments, providing thought-provoking and business-critical intelligence to businesses and clients wherever they sit. Read more at

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