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Pantarhei is a partner-managed corporate consultancy. We combine the methodological approach of a classic consultancy and the spirit and agility of a modern Public Affairs agency. Our customers profit from our experience and our strive for continuous innovation, thus raising the bar for excellence. We do this by using approaches such as Service Design as the new community building tool or by developing a unique approach to Digital Public Affairs.

Ownership Structure

Pantarhei is a 100% partner-led and partner-managed corporate consultancy.

International Network

Our understanding of supporting our clients in the best way involves an interdisciplinary approach, working with law firms, accountants, tax consultants, engineering consultants, investment banks, university institutes, think tanks and other communication professionals.

Key Strengths

Pantarhei consultants all have extensive experience in either the business world or in the political sphere (or ideally both). This allows us to act as a “translator” between the corporate world and “planet Brussels”.

The Commission’s “Green Deal” is living proof: sustainability, a word much laughed at in the past and looked down at as a hippy ideal, today translates into hard facts and the corporate bottom line. Sustainability is no longer a luxury in the boardroom, it is a fundamental necessity for survival. The paradigm is change now or be extinct tomorrow.

What makes PANTARHEI different, is the fact that we understand sustainability as strategic asset for corporates. Our unique experience allows us to translate this into public affairs strategies that give our clients a competitive advantage over others.

Among others, our members have initiated and managed communications for award-winning global campaigns such as the ‘Sustainable Antibiotics’ program, which was instrumental in transforming the European antibiotics industry and turned DSM Sinochem Pharmaceuticals (now Centrient Pharmaceuticals) into a profitable purpose-led organization.

Amidst this loss of direction and message chaos, we have developed a clear reproducible structure and strategy, which can help organizations and companies to re-engage with the public. We are convinced, our approach to communication is the only way to survive.

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Key Clients

Amiblu, Austrian Post, European Mineral Resources Confederation, Greiner Group, Uniqa, German Association of Parallel Distributors, Raiffeisen Bank International, Association for construction products.

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