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Firm Description

Athenora Consulting is a Brussels-based leading independent European public affairs consultancy. We build strategies that help our clients participate to the EU decision-making process at all levels. We deliver tailor-made services:

  • monitoring of our clients’ legislative and regulatory environment
  • building of influential messages and narratives
  • designing with our client the most efficient and creative lobbying strategy to improve their reputation, manage EU issues, and work with stakeholders
  • building and managing large alliances to increase our clients’ influence.

Ownership Structure

Athenora Consulting is an independent company with 2 partners. Stéphane Desselas, Founder and President, and Natacha Clarac, Managing Director.

International Network

Athenora Consulting has been a member of the Public Relation Global Network since 2007 (PRGN ( Worldwide, the PRGN has more than 40 independent companies working together on cross-border issues.

Key Strengths

We dare to innovate and we endeavour to develop new ideas, strategies, or concepts. We are active in various fields through our 3 branches: Athenora Consulting, Athenora Coaching and Athenora Academy

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Key Clients

ADEME – CNGTC (Greffiers des Tribunaux de commerce) – EDF- Fondation pour le droit continental – France FINTECH – GRDF – La Poste – MAIF – Unite2Cure – VYV – VINCI-CNR

Testimonials and why clients like to work with us

Confrontation of ideas – strategic advice – human qualities – trust-based long-lasting client relationship

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