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Firm Description

Providing independent legal and strategic policy advice and fostering third-party and coalition engagement

We work with small and medium sized enterprises, industry coalitions, global tech giants and EU institutions and policymakers to plan, build and deliver the most effective European ecosystems in critical legislative areas including Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), Technology Licensing, Digital Economy, Privacy, Data Security, Public Health, Sustainability and the ‘Green’ Agenda.

Our expertise across industries and regulatory affairs includes IPR, technology and communications, patents and licensing, wireless standards, data economy, cyber security, analytics, public health, sustainability, and international trade.

Our experience includes maintaining close working relationships with the European Commission, European Parliament and Public National Investment Banks, and working with multiple stakeholders to manage successful pan-European coalitions and associations.

Our team includes in-house domain, public affairs and policy specialists and external senior advisors who bring insight, focus and experience to bear on behalf of our clients.

Creating an innovation ecosystem for Europe: 100% independent, our strategic, political, legal and regulatory analysis and advice enables organizations to improve their understanding and engagement with EU regulations and institutions, and so navigate the most effective route through complex policy and legislative decision-making systems.

Industry coalitions, alliances and third-party engagement: we also manage highly successful pan-European associations. These cover multiple stakeholders ranging from global corporations to SMEs and research institutions.

  • IP Europe – for R&D and IP-intensive innovators
  • CISPE – Cloud Infrastructure Service Providers in Europe
  • AIOTI – the Alliance for Internet of Things Innovation
  • Open Cloud Foundation – CIOs, cloud customers and providers

Ownership Structure

Independent: privately owned

International Structure

We focus on European institutions. We work in selected European capitals to echo and strengthen our client’s messages at EU level. We maintain a network and ongoing engagement with key national government agencies, with the European Commission, European Parliament, Public National Investment Banks and key business and industry stakeholders.

Key Strengths

What makes us different? Operating across key communities of interest, we work with organizations and individuals that are actively contributing to innovation. We share their aspirations to help build a more secure and equitable innovation-based society founded on principles of fair play and sustainability.

  • Intellectual Property Rights, Patents, Standard Essential Patents
  • Technology Licensing, Innovation and Standards
  • 5G, Internet of Things and Industry 4.0
  • Data economy, Cloud Computing
  • Data, GDPR and Cyber Security
  • International Trade
  • Sustainability, Recycling and the ‘Green’ Agenda
  • Social Entrepreneurship and Infrastructure
  • Public Health and International Development

Number of Public Affairs Consultants

4 directors, 2 senior consultants, 2 senior advisers supported by 1 consultant, 2 policy assistants and 1 office manager

Key Clients

Current and previous clients include Orange, Ericsson, Nokia, Panasonic, France Brevets, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Dolby, InterDigital, IP Europe, CISPE, Open Cloud Foundation, AIOTI, Autodesk, Philips and GE.

Thought Leadership

Intellectual property, patents and standards: through the IP Europe alliance, we are developing Licensing Best Practices with CENELEC/AFNOR, and working with European institutions to influence policy.

Data protection, GDPR and industry code of conduct: we are managing the first ever GDPR Code of Conduct for Cloud Computing to be adopted by Article 29 WP / EDPB.

Monthly Sustainability Digest: on behalf of our clients, we provide expert advocacy on ‘green’ issues as well as compiling, writing and putting into context the latest developments and policy covering all aspects of the Circular Economy, Waste, Ecodesign, Ecolabels, Recycling, Repair and Refurbishment.

Testimonials and why clients like to work with us

Clients chose Europa Insights because we are proven specialists in the fields in which we work and in the specific activities we plan and deliver.

“Europa Insights helps us to understand and prioritize the key policy and regulatory issues that affect our business.”

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