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Firm Description

Now comprising over 150 employees and structural advisors, EUTOP has been acting as a structural process partner and intermediary since 1990, supporting the work of private companies, associations and organisations at the institutions of the European Union and selected EU member states.

Ownership Structure


International Structure

EUTOP’s business model is focused on governmental relations within the European Union and its member states.

Key Strengths

EUTOP is a specialised service provider who works for its clients on a structural, i.e. long-term and not project-by-project basis according to the principle of “only one interest”. As such EUTOP bundles various competences EU-wide. EUTOP provides the process structure, perspective change and process support competences which are now, additionally to the client’s content competence, essential for successful lobbying in the EU. Compliance, integrity and a scientifically founded business model are key pillars of EUTOP’s success.

Since our foundation in 1990, EUTOP has nurtured diverse contacts with legislative and executive decision-makers on the EU level as well as in all EU member states. In this way, we effectively and efficiently support our clients in presenting their cases within the decision-making processes in Brussels and selected member states of the EU. Former legislative and executive heads, as well as well-known public figures from many EU member states, act on behalf of EUTOP. As structural advisors, they place their experience and expertise at EUTOP’s disposal. Moreover, EUTOP co-operates structurally with selected governmental relations agencies within the EU. The linking up of networks according to EUTOP quality standards creates innovation and success for our clients. EUTOP focuses on the process while our clients are the content carrier. The EUTOP-Methodology can be applied in all policy fields and is not limited to certain branches.

Number of Public Affairs Consultants

At EU level 29 consultants supported by co-operation partners and partner agencies from all over the EU support the interest representation of our clients.

Key Clients

EUTOP is registered in the EU Transparency Register – please check the entry in order to see EUTOP’s most recent client list at EU level. ID number: 171298025234-65.

Thought Leadership

The key to success in the EU’s complex decision-making system is EUTOP’s long-term, i.e. structural process competence that is closely intermeshed with the client’s content competence. By 2025 we will be present in all EU member states to provide the EU-wide process competence to our clients at all times and universal as a specialised service provider. By 2030 we will also conclusively build up acquisition and management structures in the relevant markets around the world in order to also support companies in other world regions procedurally within the EU.

Testimonials and why clients like to work with us

Long-standing clients of ours include numerous EURO STOXX, DAX and MDAX corporations as well as European subsidiaries of companies listed in the DOW JONES and NASDAQ index. They particularly value the successful nature of our cooperation. An enduring, long-term and structural cooperation is at the root of these common successes. Furthermore, from the very beginning, compliance and integrity have been the essential founding pillars of our approach to sustainable company management. EUTOP has always taken this subject very seriously and collaborates with leading external advisors. EUTOP clients are therefore guaranteed utmost security and reliability. The components of EUTOP’s compliance standards are: legal compliance, tax compliance, financial compliance, external data protection officer, certification of all administrative tasks in accordance with ISO 9001. That is why many corporations, associations and organisations from both EU member states and many political and business centres worldwide trust in the quality of the services we provide.

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