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About Advocacy Academy

Advocacy Academy is the only comprehensive user-friendly online educations platform designed by public affairs professionals for public affairs professionals.

It empowers all public affairs professionals by offering instructional videos, toolkits, templates and guides with a practical focus on key knowledge, skills, tasks and deliverables.

Whether you are leading a global team or just starting out, Advocacy Academy offers the knowledge and resources needed to make a tangible difference to your public affairs career.

Our content is created by a global team of public affairs professionals and academics, all with established expertise in public affairs.

Who’s it for?

New hires and junior staff

Advocacy Academy serves as an onboarding program, offering a comprehensive advocacy knowledge base. New hires can access resources to build and execute public affairs campaigns, allowing senior staff to focus more on core business functions.

Advocacy Academy can tailor our offering to your needs to make sure your junior staff and new hires adopt your advocacy approach from day one.

Existing  staff

Advocacy Academy supports professionals at all levels, empowering them to become more effective in their current roles. Mid-level and senior staff can utilize our platform as a toolkit to drive successful projects, campaigns, and objectives while sharpening and refreshing their advocacy skills.

Non-public affairs experts

Advocacy Academy empowers technical experts who engage in advocacy work or switch to a public affairs team to bridge their knowledge and skills gap through Advocacy Academy. Our platform provides a holistic understanding of the advocacy process and helps develop specific skills necessary for participation in public affairs campaigns.

Professionals seeking a promotion

Regardless of your seniority, Advocacy Academy offers modules that enable you to acquire next-level public affairs skills and build a profile suitable for promotion. Junior staff can, for example, refine their ability to analyse issue impact, set goals, and manage advocacy campaigns using KPIs, while senior staff can, for example, acquire budgeting, crisis management and public affairs ROI skills.

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