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Firm Description

Red Flag is a specialist global campaigning agency founded on the idea that politics, regulation and global movements are becoming more difficult for companies and interest groups to understand and navigate.

We are the first port of call for any company looking to bolster its reputation, address difficult issues or communicate on complex topics. We are a multi-award-winning campaigns and issues management agency with a strong record of representing trade associations, companies and organisations in Europe and globally.

We solve problems and manage reputation for some of the biggest corporations and industries across the world. With our multi-disciplined team of experts across media, politics and regulation we specialise in changing the atmosphere and framing debates ensuring that the right messages are delivered by the right people at the right time. We develop and deliver comprehensive strategic communications and media engagement programmes for our clients.

Driving EU-focused campaigns since 2013, Red Flag expanded its presence in Brussels in 2015 working for our clients on regulatory issues, strategic communications, reputation management and public affairs.

Ownership Structure

Independent, management owned.

International Structure

Red Flag runs its global operations from a network of nine offices: Berlin, Brussels, Cape Town, Dublin, London, New York, Paris, Singapore, Washington DC

Key Strengths

Red Flag’s campaign and strategic communications team are drawn from the worlds of politics, media, diplomacy, European political institutions and business, from large multinationals to start-ups and incubators. Our team operates at the intersection of these spheres, understanding how strengths in one can be leveraged to solve problems in another.

Red Flag gathers reliable intelligence, tests it, analyses it, and presents our clients with recommendations.

Red Flag ensures that every threat to our clients is identified and addressed, and every opportunity is capitalised upon.

Key Clients

Aurora, British American Tobacco, Counter Extremism Project, CEMBUREAU, Diageo, EDiMA, Free Now, spiritsEUROPE.

Thought Leadership

Traditional strategies – built on evidence and access – struggle in fast-moving environments that reward novelty and noise.

Unlocking policy problems and reputational issues demands much wider campaigning approaches that attach political risk and reward to decisions by understanding and driving media attention, citizen engagement and online debate.

Our clients trust us to cut through the noise, identify the relevant signals and address their challenges.

Our strategies are varied but our promise is simple: we solve problems.

Testimonials and why clients like to work with us

It was a pleasure working with the Red Flag team. They provided us with communications expertise that allowed us to bring across our messages in a credible and effective manner, maintaining our professional integrity throughout the process. Red Flag truly stands apart from its counterparts in its understanding of the complex landscape that organisations such as EDiMA face; reaching a very diverse public in Brussels and across the EU on technical issues.

Siada El Ramly, Director-General of EDiMA

Red Flag has an in-depth understanding of how media and policy interact. To make your voice heard in today’s fast-moving media & policy debates you need skilled communicators who make complex subjects understandable and know how to engage journalists and stakeholders: Red Flag does this superbly.

Ulrich Adam, Director General of spiritsEUROPE

Red Flag has been instrumental in this year of political change in helping us position ourselves with the new Members of European Parliament and to ensure streamlined communications with our Members, the national associations, as well as with our companies. Red Flag’s early warning tools on policy developments and their strong coverage of what is going around on the Brussels scene have been very valuable for our Members and ourselves.

Koen Coppenholle, Chief Executive of CEMBUREAU

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