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Firm Description

Headquartered in Helsinki, with offices in Stockholm, Tallinn, Riga, Washington and Brussels, Miltton offers EU Public Affairs services with a thorough understanding of the Nordic and Baltic perspective.

At our Brussels office, we focus on EU Public Affairs, but whenever needed, we involve the broad service offer of our 350+ colleagues, including Nordic and Baltic Public Affairs, communication, data-driven marketing, online and hybrid events, PR, crisis communications and sustainability. Many of our clients use several of Miltton’s services in more than one market.

Miltton’s public affairs activities are transparent, innovative and integrated with customers’ overall communications, with a 360 approach. Building seamless cooperation and maintaining mutual trust between an advisor and a client is of key importance to us. We hold ourselves and our partners to the highest ethical standards as defined in our Code of Conduct.

In our view, other Public Affairs firms are not competitors. Our interests are aligned, and together we can grow the sector of EU Public Affairs. The better services we all provide, the more our potential clients will understand the value of keeping up-to-date with ongoings in Brussels.

Ownership Structure

A private company, majority owner Miltton Group Oy.

International Structure

We fulfil our mission to be the most trusted advisor for Nordic companies and international organisations in the New Nordic region from our offices in Brussels, Helsinki, Riga, Stockholm, Tallinn, and Washington, D.C.

Key Strengths

Our strength is our people and Miltton Group’s broad range of services. Public Affairs is closely related to communications, PR, sustainability and marketing, and Miltton can provide a package of interconnected services and understanding.

We support our clients in building working relationships with key stakeholders and decision-makers in society and maintaining an ongoing dialogue with them to tackle challenges that we may face as businesses, organisations and societies.

Public affairs combine first-class insight and advice, inspiration and effective process management. We acquire a thorough understanding of the position and the needs of our clients and support them in identifying potential risks and opportunities that may arise through EU initiatives.

We tailor cross-cutting combinations of insight and experience across our offices to meet our clients’ specific needs.

Number of Public Affairs Consultants

In Brussels, the team is formed by 6 public affairs professionals. However, as a larger group, we are a solid network of over 35 public affairs specialists based in Helsinki, Stockholm, Tallinn and Brussels, as well as in the US.

Key Clients

Miltton Europe’s clients include, for example, Ragn-Sells, Stora Enso, Huhtamäki, and Gasum. For a complete list of our key clients, please see our EU Transparency Register (Nr. 245377319023-40)

Thought Leadership

Miltton is one of the leading consultancies in the Nordic region.  We are an ambitious, forward-looking consultancy equipped with unique range of skills and tools to help our clients succeed in the global marketplace and be relevant, responsible members of society. Miltton has a comprehensive knowledge of industries and society at large while we provide our customers with fresh, creative approaches to their challenges.

We always put our clients’ businesses into a societal perspective. We are supportive, but at the same time, we challenge our clients. Business-as-usual is seldom an option, and we want to ensure our clients understand the strategic thinking behind EU initiatives. By doing that, they will also be able to navigate and find the best way to influence or, when necessary, to adapt their business to future requirements.

Miltton Europe’s team is a unique bunch of people with different kinds of expertise. The CEO of Miltton Europe, Maria Wetterstrand, is a well-known persona in Sweden as she used to be the Spokesperson of the Swedish Green party. She has focused on sustainability-related policy-making for 25 years and is currently sharing her expertise with clients, advising corporate boards, and speaking at major Nordic influencer and business events.

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