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Firm Description

Lykke Advice is an independent Brussels-based lobbying agency. Our aim is to provide advice to companies and associations seeking a specific, hands-on and tailor-made service from an agency that values quality outcomes. We only take on clients we believe in, and then we help them to grow their influence in Brussels.

Working within public affairs to influence policymaking in Brussels requires a deep understanding of complex legislative structures, mechanisms and a strong network in the EU bubble. Our team offers these vital elements and can help strengthen our clients’ partnerships and alliances.

We’re a young and creative team, with proven experience, and we believe that representing a client in Brussels takes a strong commitment and high level of engagement to provide a unique service that is fit-for-purpose.

Our aim is to provide clients with valuable strategic advice and a high-quality execution of it. We involve clients from the early stages of strategy design and allow for flexibility along the creative journey – this is key to a successful outcome.

Ownership Structure


International Network

We work in Brussels but also help our clients with EU related public affairs at the national level.

Key Strengths

We know how to work in a political environment and understand the different stakeholders and the value of high-level information based on facts and science. We cover a variety of topics and value both the strategic overall work but at the same time never forget the small important technical details.

We work with clients in a way that fits with their theme, aim and goals. We do not offer the same package to all clients. Lykke Advice is adaptable and will find a unique approach for each client that best suits their needs.

We work in an open and transparent manner, and we are always clear about who we represent when we meet politicians or other relevant stakeholders.

We value alliance building and always try to find or create alliance partners for our clients to make them better, stronger and for the clients to gain more knowledge about the different sides of a political argument.

Number of Public Affairs Consultants

3 full time public affairs advisors + one intern

Key Clients

International Fur Federation, Shape Robotics, Nordic Transport and Logistics, Smart Energy Network, Agenda Vestlandet.

Testimonials and why clients like to work with us

“I am very impressed with Lykke Advice. They provide high quality advice and deliver on what they promise. Always at the end of a phone 24 hours a day. Outstanding service with great knowledge.”

Mark Oaten, CEO International Fur Federation

Agenda Vestlandet is a non-profit foundation working on the green transition on the west coast of Norway. Lykke Advice was crucial in making our conference “Vestlandskonferansen 2022” a great success. Lykke Advice helped us with EU politics insight, connecting with MEPs and organized a live studio from the plenary session of the European Parliament in Strasbourg. With live interviews with MEPs. We strongly recommend Lykke Advice to new customers.

Frode Nergaard Fjelstad, Management Director Agenda Vestlandet

“I have known Mette and Lykke Advice for several years. For us and our clients EU knowledge and insights are essential in terms of their business development. Through cooperation with Lykke Advice, my clients get incredible insights into the EU system and legislative process. We work with companies in the financial sector, energy and construction and they all benefit from knowing about the EU legislation. It is very simple and easy to work with Lykke Advice. I can only give them my best recommendations”.

Bjarne Hareide, DigiLab Scandinavia and Smart Energy Network

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