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Boutique independent public affairs, strategic communication and project management agency.

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International Network

We have a presence in both Brussels and Rome. We collaborate with similarly aligned, value-focused experts and agencies in other European countries, tailoring our partnerships to meet the specific requirements of our clients.

Key Strengths

With over two decades of experience, we offer private and public organizations a fresh perspective on advocating for some of today’s most pressing public policy and societal issues.

We have a specific expertise in energy efficiency, sustainability and the built environment, health promotion and childhood obesity. We are renowned for our meticulous and insightful approach, coupled with a pragmatic and resolute commitment to rolling up our sleeves and delivering results.

Our primary objective is to help our clients navigate the politics and processes of the European Union and actively contributing to their development. At the core of our mission is building partnerships and facilitating dialogue and exchange of crucial expert, technical and sectorial perspectives with key European institutions and stakeholders.

Our commitment extends beyond policy and engagement; we love to bring great ideas and projects to life on the ground. We take pride in this unique skill set, which encompasses comprehensive knowledge of EU policies and processes, strategic communication, and the creation and management of international projects and initiatives, including innovative EU-funded projects, to support the delivery of policy objectives on the ground.

Our team comprises of highly talented individuals from diverse backgrounds, spanning both public and private sectors. They possess a wide range of competencies, technical skills, proficiency in multiple languages, and an extensive network of contacts. Most importantly, they share our ethos of being driven by purpose to supporting the commercial success of our clients and partners, the preservation of the planet and the health and well-being of humankind.

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Key Clients

European Alliance to Save Energy (EU-ASE)

Coalition for Energy Savings

World Green Infrastructure Network (WGIN)

European Childhood Obesity Group (ECOG)

Transparency Register number: 44224726204-26

Testimonials and why clients like to work with us

“For the past few years, the World Green Infrastructure Network (WGIN) has collaborated with Business Solutions Europa. Luigi Petito deserves recognition for his efforts to bring attention to our profession and the importance of green infrastructure within European policy circles. He and his team have acquired a deep understanding of how green roofs and green façades can address the challenges of the built environment and translated this knowledge into shaping environmental directives. This is not only a significant win for us but also for the urban environment. We look forward to continuing our successful partnership for years to come”.

Prof. Manfred Koheler, President, World Green Infrastructure Network

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