The future of lobbying

By Pantarhei Corporate Advisors

“Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.“ This quote from Mike Tyson applies to every boxing match, but it could also easily be used to sum up 2020. Nobody reckoned with the black swan of COVID-19 and as a result all plans have been jettisoned.

This includes politicians’ intentions for 2020 and the coming years, both at national and European level. Faced with the biggest economic collapse since the end of the second world war, reconstruction plans have been drawn up on an unprecedented scale, and they will serve as a lever to implement the remodelling of the European economy enshrined in the Green Deal even more effectively and promote a green transition.

However, COVID-19 has not only changed the broader situation, it has also caused the digital transformation to speed up rapidly and has revealed that forms of communication underwent fundamental change. The new rules for day-to-day communication have also had an impact on politics and political mechanisms, NGOs and society as a whole.

In our white paper, our experts explain how lobbying will take place in the future and what a NGO mindset entails.

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