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Thea Utoft Høj Jensen

Thea Utoft Høj Jensen, Managing Director, Head of Financial Services Brussels

FTI Consulting

My Job

I head the Financial Services practice in Brussels and provide senior advise on strategic communication and dialogue on all financial services policy issues and objectives, as well as ensuring en efficient execution of strategic communication choices. I work closely with an excellent team of professionals, who I am committed to motivate, encourage and inspire to develop their potential even further.

My Experience

Prior to joining FTI I was the Financial Services Counsellor for the Danish Permanent Representation to the European Union. As part of this role, I led Council negotiations at the attaché level at the Economic and Financial Affairs Council (ECOFIN) on financial services files. Before this, I was a Special Advisor on EU affairs to the Danish financial regulator, DKFSA, and represented Denmark’s interests in the negotiation of several financial services files at the European Council and have experienced the EU legislative and policy process from within as a seconded Policy Officer at the European Commission.

With this experience from European institutions and national government bodies, I try to create the best environment for a dialogue and foster a deeper understanding of the different perspectives on the issues and both political and industry context.

My Proudest Achievements

Generally, I would highlight the achievement of consistently ensuring that the interests I have been representing have been considered as an integral part of the solutions at political level – and that the point of view I would represent on various files was at the centre of the dialogue, due to strategic and technically well-founded communication.

I always feel very proud of the talented people I have had the privilege to lead and act as a mentor for, when I see their development and growth both in professional and more personal capacity.

My Education

Master of Arts and Bachelor of Arts in Law, University of Copenhagen

My Languages

Danish, English

My Interests outside work

I love to go kiteboarding – particularly if I can combine it with the adventure of exploring a location off the beaten track.

My Favourite Brussels anecdote

To me, the spirit of Brussels-people is best illustrated by the story about the man, who started planting flowers in the pot-holes of the Brussels roads, as he wanted to draw attention to the poor state of the roads. – and make them prettier in the process. Apparently, the attention did lead to the Commune at least fixing some of them. Such a lovely, creative – and slightly anarchistic – way of making your point.

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