Best consultants

My Job

Most days I juggle between helping clients and managing our growing team.  I counsel clients on navigating both external and internal issues, most frequently being the first port of call for a client new to their position or facing an emerging issue.

I manage the structure of HLC and support its growth, alongside my talented colleagues (who are smarter than me!) as we move into the next phase of development.

My Experience

For almost 20 years, Margot has been working in political communications, strategy and stakeholder mobilisation. Margot started out in 2000 in the European Parliament and then moved into consultancies in Brussels and New York.

Blending her Dutch and American ‘can-do’ cultures, she developed a reputation for bringing together political and reputational risk analysis and strategy with straight talking business communications.

She has always been a proud generalist, bringing horizontal thinking and creativity into HLC, since its founding in 2009.  Her clients are mostly Fortune 500 companies and international CSOs.

My Proudest Achievements

A dinner with President Obama, where he said, “A special thanks to Margot, whose brilliance is second only to Michelle”
*to be fact checked

My Education

  • BA Honors Political Science, University of Rochester (New York)
  • MSc Political Science, London School of Economics

My Languages

English, French, Dutch, Restaurant Italian.

My Interests outside work

Real art, live music, inspiring design and Food&Drink… but most of my time is spent listening to my three kids (giggle mostly?!)

My Favourite Brussels anecdote

The classic Brussels combination of finance and surrealism: ‘Ceci n’est pas un ticket TVA’ ….Printed proudly on each receipt, in every restaurant.  

Best in Brussels 2021 Report

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