BCW Influence Index Ranks Parliamentary and Public Influence of European Policymakers


New Influence Index offers insights ahead of 2024 European Elections

LONDON, 20th September 2023 – BCW, the global communications agency built to move people, today announced the launch of its new BCW Influence Index series.

The BCW Influence Index uses a unique and proprietary data-driven methodology to measure which European policymakers wield the most influence and offers new insights ahead of the European Parliament elections taking place in 2024.

Influence is measured through two largely independent dimensions:

  • Parliamentary influence: a policymaker’s ability to impact legislation, shape the policy agenda, garner support and win votes, and secure and avail themselves of positions of institutional power; and
  • Public influence: the ability to cultivate visibility with European citizens, reach audiences online and in the media, shape public conversations and build an engaged community of support for their ideas.

The BCW Influence Index collates and analyses a broad range of data points based on a defined set of metrics. On average, more than 1 million data points have been collected to determine parliamentary influence and more than 6 million for public influence. These are then combined to provide a single score for parliamentary influence and a single score for public influence using a statistical procedure – the Principal Component Analysis (PCA) – a universally recognised statistical method for calculating indices.

The first index to launch will be the Swiss Influence Index, launching 21 September and offering key insights ahead of the Swiss elections on 22 October. The EU Influence Index will launch with an event and panel discussion on 15 November, closely followed by the German Influence Index to be published later in the month. Additional indices will follow in 2024.

“Understanding influence is key for businesses and brands that are assessing the political landscape in the EU and in parliaments across Europe,” said Scott Wilson, President, Europe & Africa, BCW. : “The Influence Index series will help clients identify the key political players for any industry or on specific policy areas, whether that is in energy transition or a specifical health therapy area, and shape meaningful, effective client campaigns.”

“In 2024, there will be more than 10 elections across Europe, and the Influence Index will become a vital tool in understanding influence amid a changing political landscape across the continent.”

More information, including a detailed description of the methodology, is available at www.bcwinfluenceindex.com .

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